Agricultural Tour and Visit to the Amaru Andean Community - Private Tour

Full Day - 8am to 2pm US$ 120.00

Tour Description

This unique tour will take you to the Amaru community, located 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the city of Cusco, to experience first-hand the amazing place from which most of the products we use at class come from. You’ll be in contact with millenary agricultural methods, learn, work and share some unforgettable time with them.

We will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a scenic route where you will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape surrounding Cusco which composes our Sacred Valley.

Upon arrival to Pisaq, we will explore its renowned market, full of diverse products, such as artisanal handicrafts and fresh produce.

Soon after we’ll reach the Amaru community, this isolated village that keeps ancient traditions alive in every aspect of their daily life; including clothing, weaving, agriculture, food, cooking, and more.

You’ll be fully submerged into their lives, we will learn about their agricultural practices and techniques, taking part in the sowing or harvesting (depending on the season).

We will discover new types of potatoes and learn about their local “Super Foods” production, such as quinoa, kiwicha, tarwi, white corn and some native medicinal herbs.

Finally, we will interact with the local people and work side by side with them, cook a fantastic meal and share the same table, crowning a fantastic once in lifetime experience.
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