Our concept

Since the ancient times of the Incas, Peru has been characterized by the adaptation of plants and their domestication to be part of the diet of Peruvian natives.
The richness of the variety of products from our 8 regions along with the advanced techniques of agronomy and the influence of different cultures resulting from a constant immigration through our rich history has been the key to Peru today being a privileged destination recognized for its extraordinary gastronomy worldwide.
At Cusco Culinary we want to contribute to this great development and show the world the richness of the culinary of the Andes, adapting these millennial products to the palate of our customers, giving them a modern twist but always respecting the traditions.

Responsible cooking

In Cusco Culinary, we understand that it is important to know where our products come from, which is why we only use organic products grown in the communities near Cusco, such as the Urubamba Valley, Amaru community (where most of our products come from ) and other Andean communities; In this way we contribute responsibly with the local economy and guarantee the quality of our products.

Nutritious and healthy food

Our menus are mostly made with products of plant origin and have been carefully selected taking into account their high nutritional and protein content, such as quinoa, tarwi, native potatoes, morayas, mushrooms, mashuas, etc.These products are the most representative of the Andes.
In the case of products of animal origin we have minimized their use and currently in our menu we only work with fish and seafood, however in the case of offering any option using animals they must come from ecological farms that meet the standards of quality and responsibility of our company.

Authenticity of our product

Our menu includes the most representative products of our region, trying to rescue the Andean ancestral gastronomy, its techniques and putting in value a large amount of forgotten ingredients.
In Cusco Culinary we are committed to fulfilling our commitments with you and our society.