High Vibrational Cooking

At Cusco Culinary, we understand that we are shaped by what we eat. We firmly believe that each ingredient carries an energetic value, not only in its nutrients but also throughout the entire process from seed to table. This encompasses its cultivation, transportation methods, packaging, and cooking techniques. At Cusco Culinary, we take all of this into account, transforming the culinary experience into more than just a Peruvian delicacy but also into a conscious, high vibrational cooking journey.

Apart from instructing you on crafting delicious meals, we aim to demonstrate a healthy, sustainable, and nutritious lifestyle and contribute to conscientious gastronomy. Within our kitchen, we avoid industrial processed foods, refined sugars, grains, oils, and additives. Our focus lies in whole foods, locally sourced grass-finished meats, and carefully selected organic ingredients that meet our stringent standards. Furthermore, we strive to prepare everything from scratch and abstain from using plastic-packaged products.

What Peru has to offer:

Peru has a millenary rich gastronomy, mainly due to 3 reasons:

Vast Variety of products

Peru boasts a portion of the Amazon jungle, often referred to as the "pharmacy of the world." Within the jungle, one can discover numerous healthy plants and roots known to locals since ancient times. Moreover, the jungle presents a wide variety of exotic endemic fruits. The Peruvian highlands and valleys are renowned for being paradises of potatoes, corn, beans, quinoa, kiwicha, and an immense variety of crops. Additionally, the Peruvian coast offers a rich diversity of marine life and coastal valleys.

Rich history

The history of Peru dates back thousands of years, with the earliest known civilization located in Caral, near the coast of Lima. Since then, numerous civilizations have contributed to shaping our history. The Incas and preceding cultures adapted crops to higher elevations and developed new varieties of vegetables, including thousands of types of potatoes, corn, cereals, and beans, among others, which we now enjoy.

Migration in Peru has also significantly influenced our gastronomy. With the arrival of Europeans, they brought along their culinary techniques and traditions. This was followed by migrations of Africans and, subsequently, Asians. Today, Peruvian cuisine represents a fusion of global gastronomy using locally sourced ingredients.

Our Peruvian creativity and professionals

Peruvians are widely recognized for their creativity, innovation, and passion for food. In addition to the thousands of traditional dishes found in each region of Peru, we consistently adapt Peruvian cuisine to align with the latest trends in the modern food revolution. We remain updated with the most relevant culinary developments, which is why, at Cusco Culinary, we have embraced the current concept of conscious high vibrational gastronomy.

We include many Super foods in our cooking:

In Peru we are lucky to have thousands of super foods, easy to find in our local markets. Our Cusco Culinary menu has been created trying to include as much super foods as possible, because while cooking, we want to show you the properties, of each of these super foods, including: Quinoa, kiwicha, cañihua, maca, lucuma, chirimoya, came camu, koshuro, tarwi, algarrobina, curcuma, papas nativas, mashuas, aguaymanto, cacao and more.

Conscious Sustainable Cooking

Our concept of high vibrational cooking extends beyond promoting a healthy diet. Nowadays, we are conscious that one of the biggest problems on Earth is pollution, and processed food significantly contributes to this issue. Thousands of food products come packaged, many of which are shipped from distant locations. After consumption, these products often end up in landfills or oceans. We believe that recycling alone is not the solution; rather, we advocate for avoiding packaged products, particularly those made of plastic. We make a concerted effort to responsibly manage our leftovers by composting them.

Convert our food into our Medicine

By selecting the right ingredients for our dishes, we not only promote healthy eating but also cultivate our own health. Nowadays, it is widely recognized that many products on the market contribute to the development of illnesses and various diseases. Therefore, we have the option to avoid these products and make more conscious choices about our food. In Peru, we are fortunate to still have access to numerous organic products, local farmers' markets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. However, due to modern times, there is a shift towards incorporating more industrial products into diets.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to reevaluate and cherish our natural ancestral foods. In addition to ingredient selection, the intention we put into cooking plays a significant role. By choosing the right ingredients and infusing our cooking with the right intention, we create our own remedy for our bodies.